The Heart Of a Great Bike Shop

Fully Equipped

We invest in all the specialist tools required to work with all the latest bikes. Including electronic gears and Bosch and Shimano powered E-bikes.

Safe Hands

It's your bike and we will always respect that. We will take care as it was our own and only fit quality parts

Online Booking

Getting you back on the road or trail as fast as possible, our unique booking system allows you to check our workshop time slots and book it .

Just Some Of What we Do


Disc brakes are here to stay. They are fitted to all kinds of bikes and for good reason. Superior stopping power and much less affected by the weather, they are becoming the norm. They do however require a little specialist help from time to time. We service all kinds of hydraulics.

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Old School

A Bike Shop is one of the few places left that actually fix broken things. So don’t worry if your bike is 50 years old. We are also specialists at wheel building as not everybody craves carbon!

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Custom Builds

One of the best parts of working with bikes is building a Dream Machine from scratch. We start with a consultation (usually over a coffee or two) and then help you choose all parts required to build a bike that fits your needs and budget.

2020 Croix De Fer Ti Sm
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The latest type of E-Bikes have smart technology that enables them to blend or hybrid their electrical energy with your own. While this type of technology has tried and tested reliabilty they still require regular attention to avoid issues. The bikes themselves are just like any other bikes and need  servicing as such. If you own an E-Bike and would like us to service it we will be very happy to offer a free estimate.

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Online Booking

We have made many changes to our business in the last few years. One of the most important has been to introduce our bespoke live booking system. It is intregrated with our workshop diary and updates every few minutes. By using it you get your bike repaired or serviced and back to you as quickly as is possible. Of course you can always just  drop  it off and we will call you when it’s ready but for a priority service using the onine booking will put you to the front of the queue.

Service Plans


Had your bike in storage all winter? This service will give you peace of mind that it’s in a roadworthy condition. Also perfect as a top-up mid season service. Parts not included                                                                                              £30.00


The mainstay service which most bikes need once a year. Everything included in the Bronze plus the time needed to replace worn transmission or bearings, does not include the cost of parts.                                                                                                                     £45.00                                                                   


f you use your bike all year round or other high mileage useage, this service is for you. It allows for replacement of all cables, transmission and any worn items. Does not include the cost of any parts.                                                    £70.00

 In order to help us give you best service possible,please use the notes to give a good description of the work you are requesting, including the make and model of your bike.

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