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Mobile cleaning just got easier with the Universal Brush, which easily connects to the portable cleaner to enable you to use alternative water sources such as water canisters and buckets. To use, simply detach the tank from the device and attach the tap adapter on the hose to the connection thread. The other end of the Universal Brush with a filter is placed into the alternative water source. When you pull the trigger gun, the portable cleaner draws the water from your bucket or water canister. The filter ensures no dirty water gets into the machine. The Universal Brush can easily be removed for cleaning and rinsed under running water. With a length of 2 meters you get plenty of reach from the Universal Brush.

Features and benefits

Mounted on the device Replaces the water tank.
Alternative water sources No limit on the water volume.
Integrated filter Prevents dirty water from getting into the device.
Large operating radius 2 meters long.
Compatible machines OC3


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