Caffe Mokambo – fine Italian coffee


The now legendary Caffè Mokambo was founded back in 1972, when the brothers Camillo and Vincenzo Di Nisio, after working as a bartenders and having learnt the fine art of making espresso, decided to open a small shop to roast coffee in the ancient town of Chieti, located in the green mountains and the blue sea of Abruzzo. Over the years the two brothers became more and more aware that it is fundamental to offer its customers a product of outstanding quality, and so it was decided to take control  of the entire production process, from coffee bean to the cup of espresso. If it is around the eighties, thanks to a continuous expansion, the Caffè Mokambo begins to take on industrial dimensions and appearance, is in the early nineties that the company moves to new larger headquarters of Chieti Scalo, where it is still located. Still led by elders of the family, the company remains true to its philosophy that combines passion for craftsmanship and attention to technological innovation, where, however, the machine never takes over from the skill and experience of man.

In addition to packs of coffee beans and ground coffee, our finest Mokambo coffees can be enjoyed in a pad. These pads are produced just in time to avoid long periods of storage and the coffee is ground and individually wrapped in protective foil immediately after roasting.

Coffee Menu & Tea options

No push button machines here! Every coffee is hand made, fresh.

Summer Treat, Affogato

 Best thing about being a cyclist is you can treat yourself, guilt free, from time to time. An Affogato is just that. The ingredients have to be right; rich vanilla gelato, strong crema espresso, chopped almonds and a dusting of 100% cocoa. Then the magic happens!



              Home-Made Cake

                                  Lemon and Poppy Seed Drizzle Cake